In most cases someone it has already happened to another!

Where can we find more information about the program?

In the different sections of the website you will find many details, but we strongly recommend that you download the demo version, which is fully operational, carefully examine it as an evaluation and carefully read the extensive help it contains.

Will all my data be maintained after installing the final version or get an update to the program?

Yes, the files created by the user are preserved in their entirety. This does not exclude, however, that you obtain a backup of all your data as usual, since you can never rule out an accident.

Do you send a WinOmega instruction manual?

The manual is integrated with the program. To open it, press the F1 key on the main screen.

What steps must be taken to install WinOmega?

Download the program install package in any folder on the hard disk. 2. Then open the downloaded file womega.exe with File Explorer, and follow the instructions step by step.

When installing an update of the program on a previous version, can my information be damaged?

No, in any case. The user’s data and settings remain the same as installing a new version (except for accidental causes).

What can I do to learn all the management of the program?

We recommend reading carefully all the chapters of the help, especially Introduction – First steps with WinOmega. If, in spite of everything, you still have some questions, fill out the customer service form.

How much does the technical support cost?

It is free during the first month, which is the stage in which you may need it, depending on the conditions that you may consult on this page.

If I use the test version for too much time, can the program delete the input data?

No, the program never erases user data without your permission. It will only show a waiting message on some points by encouraging you to obtain the license for use.

How do I send the program by e-mail?

We send you only very detailed instructions, step by step, for the installation of the registered version. The installation package will be able to download it from the Internet at the time it works.

How long can I use the trial version?

There is no strict limit, although it is considered that two months is a reasonable period during which there is sufficient time to evaluate the program.

What are the differences between the trial version and the final?

They are identical with regard to functionality, provided you always use the latest version, except when the test version will interrupt you from time to time inviting you to acquire the license for use, and on certain occasions you can print a short advertising message in a document.

I need a purchase invoice. Will you send it to me?

Of course, we are bound by this by law.

Is it possible to adapt the program to use it in a car workshop?

Yes, this is possible. Within WinOmega, on the Help menu> Questions and answers, follow the recommendations in response number 167.

Can I have two WinOmega installations on the same computer?

Yes, it is possible to do so on condition that both of them are of the same version of the program and they are installed in separate folders. For more agility, you can create two shortcuts to the Windows desktop. If desired, the two facilities can share all the data, or all the data except delivery notes, budgets and invoices, or simply not share any data.

Is it possible to transfer WinOmega all user data from Omega MS-DOS?

You can import most of them, including articles, customers, suppliers, invoices, delivery notes and budgets.

How can I use the program also on my Mac OS (or on a Linux system)?

There are three different ways:
1. Creating a virtual machine that encapsulates a window where you can install Windows on your Mac OS computer or any Linux distribution. Within this window, you can run any Windows program on your computer in the same way that it would be done in the native Microsoft operating system. You can easily have this virtual machine by installing VirtualBox on your computer, which is a free product. You can go to the VirtualBox page for more details and download the software.

2. Other virtual machines that are used to run Windows programs on Mac OS are Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion.

3. With the help of Wine or CrossOver, they act as an intermediary to encapsulate a Windows environment on your computer. Wine is free and works pretty well but it’s still not perfect, so do not be surprised to see buttons with old design and strange color tones, and probably internet links will not work. But the main benefits of the program should work.

In any case, the correct operation of the program under these conditions is the sole responsibility of the user, who will have to make previous tests in the system, since unfortunately Omega Software can not support this.